Dick Robinson´s American Standards by the Sea

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The show featured on this page will be updated every week by Wednesday, and will feature the show from two weeks prior. If you would like more, see below for another two hours of great music.

Two more hours of great music!

Listen to the Michael Rose theme written for Dick Robinson.

Dick Robinson Jingle - Michael Rose Orchestra & The Rosebuds

Listen to the Great American Songbook
Hear the best in music always
M-U-S-I-C, no N-O-I-S-E
Keely, Bennett, Sinatra, and Basie
All the way from L.A. to D.C.
The best in radio - it's the Dick Robinson Show

Listen to Keely Smith's jingle written specially for Dick's show.

Music by the Sea - Keely Smith and Family

By the sea, by the sea, it's Music by the Sea
Listen to Dick Robinson's Music by the Sea
You and me, you and me - Oh how happy we will be
You will love Dick Robinson's Music by the Sea

He'll tuck all your cares away and
Make you feel like it's Christmas every day
Everybody - by the sea, by the sea - It's Music by the Sea
Tune in to Dick Robinson, you will love Dick Robinson
Listen to Dick Robinson's music
By the sea, by the sea - it's Music by the Sea

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